Hey guys, I've recently bought myself a Peavey 15 Watt Vypyr and it's been perfect when I play it out in the lounge room, but just today I decided to move it into the spare room to record some stuff for youtube, and the amp has acquired an annoying over-fuzzy distortion to it.

I'm playing on an Ibanez RG350 DX (also brand new) and using the K-Stein amp with high gains and lows for a real thick metal/hardcore tone. The room that I moved the gear into has a wooden floor, and is no longer under a desk (whereas the other room had a lino/plasticy kinda floor and the amp was under my computer desk).

Does anyone know if the wooden floor would be the culprit? I've tried playing around with different amp settings like gain and various amp types, but the fuzziness remains no matter what I do. :/

If I turn the gains down, it becomes less fuzzy but very quiet, and when I increase the volume, it becomes fuzzy again >.>.

I've also tried playing chords/powerchords and individual notes, which all have the over-distortion (my clean tones are exactly the same as they were before I moved).

Someone help!
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Hmm, I also have a Peavy Vyper, not sure the wattage because i am retarded but whenever I have a fuzzy-ness, it comes from something like speakers, or an on T.V.
Check the electrical stuff around it.
There's nothing else electrical in the room :\ could it be power-lines or the neighbours electrical equipment or something like that?