Im sure this has probably been thought of before, but I was just thinking it would be cool to be able to run your mic into a guitar pedal to add certain effects vocally. Is this possible? I want to get that dirty blues vocal style of a jack white or dan auerbach. I have a red howler mic right now, and its great if you cup your hands around it, but impossible to do when you are playing guitar at the same time. Are there certain pedals you can and cant do it with? For instance, could I run that mic into a big muff or whammy pedal? Right now I just run the mic straight into the 2nd channel of my guitar amp, but if it is possible, would doing this harm the amp?
Yes, it's possible to run a mic into an effects pedal.

You won't harm the amp as guitar and voice operate on relatively similar frequency patterns.
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You can certainly do that! I've done it in the past...the thing is - what sounds good on a guitar won't necessarily sound good on vocals, particularly with regards to distortion. In particular, a voice sounds fairly distorted the moment you add just the slightest hint of dirt to it, what on guitar would still sound nearly clean.
I'm actually working right now on a pedal that converts the Mic level to instrument level for a friend of mine. It will have an XLR input and a 1/4" output. The difference in output level of a dynamic mic and a guitar is substantial and is prone to hum and hiss. It will work through pedals or directly into a guitar amp.