I'm not much of a pickup aficionado so help is needed. I'm deliberating between these combos:

'57 Classic/Classic Plus
Burstbucker 1/Burstbucker 2
Burstbucker 2/Burstbucker 3

I'll be swapping out Epiphone Les Paul Standard stock pickups. I want them changed because I feel like they turn into a mess when you try and push them. Not sure if that's the right way to explain it, they just lose their clarity. I usually play classic '70s style rock, such as Led Zeppelin II. I don't really have much of an opportunity to test them out for myself. Also I'll be eventually using them with a Vox AC30 (when I get my hands on one, that is >_>.
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by normal standards, the bustbuckers are the "better" pickups.

i like the sound of the 57's better. they sound a lot clear-er and beefier.
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