Hi! I ve been looking around for the jackson JS32 but i want to hear some other opinions . I play thrash and heavy metal mostly so if you can seggest a better guitar for that price and for that genre please tell me .
My friend has a JS30 or 32 or something (it's king V shape, not RR). It was a decent guitar, but he bought it used for a lot cheaper than in a store, dunno if it'd really be worth much more than what he actually paid for it. He swapped the pups out for a classic Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz combo so it sounds pretty good now.

Not really a Jackson expert myself, but a little tip: if you want more helpful advice please post more details. IE what is your budget, where do you live (roughly, as it'll affect certain guitars availability), what other gear do you currently own, etc?

Good luck with the search
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Well as i said i play mostly thrash and heavy metal .
Currently i own a Roland Cube 15x for home practice and the guitar that i have is a startocaster copy .
I am most interested in the king v and warrior shape i think i want it to be either one of them .
Having a temolo bar isnt necessesary but it will be nice .
Any way thanks man
Haha, sweet amp dude. I've got a cube 60, I it a lot.

Anyway, more to the point. I'm still not entirely sure on your budget, but if you're in the US then Rondo Music would be worth a look. They get brought up a lot round these forums, cause they seem to make pretty good guitars cheaper than bigger brands. I've never played 'em myself, but you might want to look into something like:

Or alternately ESP have some LTD Vs that look pretty cool:

And Ibanez have their X series with some cool shaped guitars similar to the warrior:

I owned an Ibanez XPT700 for a while and it was an awesome guitar. And it comes loaded with Dimarzio D'Activators which are fantastic metal pickups.

There's probably some other obvious stuff that I'm forgetting, but I don't know. Anyway, trems are cool but be wary of floyd rose style trems on low end guitars, sometimes they are prone to being dodgy (eg the Ibanez EDGE III - although the one I had on my XPT was okay, but not as good as a proper FR by any stretch).
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I loved it, I bought the Rhoads version, string through,, it felt great, sounded great, not a thing wrong with it at all, the frets were all nice and even, all I had to do was set it up once I threw some thicker strings on it. My amp isn't a Cube 15x but I did play it through my cube 30x a large number of times. I think it's a really good guitar for the money actually.

In the end I sold it, sad to see it go, but needed money, and prefered my kelly to it, so the money is going towards another guitar haha.
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I had the King V version. If you like Jackson necks (i found out i don't) then you could change out the pickups and maybe tuners and have a great guitar. The stock Jackson pickups are pretty bad though. One of the main reasons i sold it
I've had a JS32T Kelly for maybe 2 years now. I've loved every inch of it. The thing plays great and feels great in my hands. The CVR2s that it comes with are decent, but kinda muddy. The guitar plays metal (Pantera/Megadeth/Anthrax etc...) pretty well. It's a pretty decent guitar. I got mine for around $300, seems worth it.
Post your budget. You can get a much better used guitar for the price of a brand new JS-series Jackson.
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I played on the Ibanez Xiphos which was pretty good but I find its more of a shred guitar. Make sure you play on the guitar before purchasing and if you're able to find one used (in good condition) I'd say its well worth it.
the xiphos will be much better than any js out there, i have one and it's awesome, the pickups sound heavy and very clear, unlike the jackson stock ones which are pretty low end, plus you wouldn't have to swap anything, just pick one up and go, what's your budget ??
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