I would have posted this in GT, but I'm certain it has nothing to do with technique. I'm trying to play "The Air That I Breathe" solo by All That Remains. The first note of said solo is a pinch harmonic on the 19th fret of the high D string. When I try to play this on my Ibanez 4EX1 it doesn't sound for very long and if I bend it (which I have to for it to sound right) it dies immediately. Normally I would just think I suck, didn't have enough gain/sustain, or some other effects issue. Except for the fact that I can do it perfectly on my Jackson Dinky, with the same everything. Soooooo.... WTF!?!?!?! I'm stumped. Oh and don't say to just use my other guitar, it's a half step lower.
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High fret could cause that. Check to see if there's any buzzing at that fret when you bend it playing a regular note.

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