Hello all,

I got some songs from my guitar teacher and made a folder for them in my desktop. When i added those files to the iTunes library, they were doubled somehow and my disk space was used up, example, i had 1 GB in the folder and 10GB free space in my hard drive, when i put them in the library, i had 9GB free in my hard drive. How can i add them to my library and not "create new files"? and find the ones i already put into the library so i can delete them?

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Sounds like they weren't doubled from your example.

Your post is confusing but why not just delete the ones in the folder?
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What extension are the files from your guitar teacher?
Because some types are converted to .m4a and stored again in the iTunes folder on your computer. It depends on what extension they actually are, but if they really were converted, you can delete the original files without any problems...
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If they were wma, then iTunes would convert them to AAC...

Confusing post is confusing.
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ITunes can be set to copy tracks into its own media folder instead of just linking to the files. Just go to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced, and uncheck the little box that says "Copy files to ITunes media folder". That should work.