So, I fiished building a badass Explorer, and I need some sort of detail tp put on it.
It's just plain ol' off white at the moment, and I wanted an awesome symbol or something to put on it.

Gimme suggestions. and explanations on what the symbols mean would be very helpful too.
Slayer logo on the hood. Nao.

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Slayer logo on the hood. Nao.

That would be super cool :O

If i'd have a white guitar, I'd collect artist signatures on it.
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brot pls

put this on it

or this
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a pentogram cos your old skuul

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the rush starman.
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Take a look at Jared Leto's explorer. That thing's pretty awesome.

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All over it
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Or alternatively, why not advertise it as a billbord, charge people to place adverts for their websites or whatever on it.
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All over it

Win win win

Edit: for some reason i thought this was to do windows or something...strange
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paint it black, then paint either purple or green stripes on it, and then name it "Plaid Pete."
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Put Dali clocks all over it, I've always wanted to do that with a guitar but even if I was able to I don't have any artistic ability.
Give it blue or red racing stripes.

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Put Dali clocks all over it, I've always wanted to do that with a guitar but even if I was able to I don't have any artistic ability.
Or this.
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Thats a thunderbird right? One of my teachers told me she has dreams where Thunderbirds talk to her.
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