Hi, I am looking for an amp setting close to the sound of bands like Black Veil Brides. I have a VOX VT80+ that I got yesterday and I have been on the VOX website and there arent any user posted ones so I decided to ask here.

So if anybody has a setting similar.........
well which tone, I'm not a fan of them AT ALL, but they've had a different tone for a number of things. Like "knives and pens" for instance, awful tone, and different then others, give better info so we can help.
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Set everything to 12 o'clock.

Go from there.
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Settings thread bro.

If you don't mind me asking, which tone of theirs are you after? The tone on their new album is MUCH better than it is on their first, not to mention that they use Peavey 6505s (which is an American voiced amp) live now, so try the US metal setting, set everything to 12:00 like Eppicurt said, and work from there.
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as tango said, they have some different tones (I only know the singles i've heard on kerrang or scuzz).

I'd probably try the jcm800 model (with a boost if necessary) for their not-so-modern tones, and some of the more modern amp models (mesa/soldano/diezel/5150, something like that, depending on what models your modelller has) for their heavier tones.

For a starting point. then tweak to taste.
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