Hi everyone !

A progressive metal band with death influences is currently searching for a guitarist and a bassist, and I'm thinking of trying to join them, as a bass player.
The problem is, I can barely consider the technical and theorical requirements for progressive music. I mean, I never had the occasion to play it. I think I'm quite a versatile bassist, I know tapping, slapping, and harmonics also, and I know several modes and how to use them.

What would you advise me to practice ? Is this kind of bass playing more relying on playing speed, or on melodic creativity (or both) ?
If it's Prog, then you're looking at odd time signatures and changes, as well as a lot more than eighth notes on the root. Look into Rush, Dream Theater and the like for ideas. You don't have to know theory or sightreading unless they expect you to write songs and they're going to put a sheet of music in front of you in standard notation. Theory will help with writing songs, but it isn't an essential requirement. Give it a shot. You'll probably find you can do a lot more than you think.
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you just have to be kinda diffrent with your bass playing it dont have to be advanced to be progressive (; but if you wanna hear a VERY good Bass player in progressive then check out Seventh wonder (;
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