I'm experiencing the following problem,

I've bought a Fender CD60 CE a while ago, and after a week or 3, the frets started buzzing.
I thought it was normal, because the guitar was kinda new, and I was convinced that it wasn't a big deal.
But I've had the guitar for a couple of months, and it still has fretbuzz.
I've changed the strings but it made no difference.
It rings the most at the 10th fret of the a string, the 5th fret of the d string, and the open g string.
If anyone could help me I would be pleased.
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That's a bit odd on a Fender guitar but you should have the action checked. Or you could try replacing the saddle on your own.
could be lack of neck relief, guitar being too dry, action too low or even a high fret. if it started buzzing only after 3 weeks, i'd vote for a humidity/dryness issue, and if it's very dry where you are, your guitar could develop cracks, not just buzzing. buy a hygrometer asap, test it and use it. otherwise, bring your guitar to a qualified tech and let him figure out the problem.
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