I was at a thrift store the other day and picked up an acoustic guitar for 25 bucks.
It feels really well made, and sounds great. yet, its make and model confuses me.

It has a wood top and black (fiberglass?) back thats rounded

on the inside of the guitar it has a sticker that says
"SPS Design" "Kaman Music corporation" "model SP-10" "made in Mexico"

I know that Kaman makes nice guitars under the brands "Takamine" and "Ovation". but, i cannot find any information anywhere about this particular guitar.

though, i found some guy on some other forum who posted a thread about this same guitar, and he thought it might be an fake ovation. In that thread though nobody replied to him and he was left in the dark.

I would really appreciate any information anybody might know regarding this guitar or something like it.

thank you for your time, peace
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i'd shoot kaman music an e-mail. they should get back to you in a few days. looks like a great find!! lucky you ! another source would be "oldmanarthur" on the ovation fan club.
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i emailed kaman about a week ago, i haven't heard anything back yet. disappointing
That kind of design for the back of the guitar is quite common, looks good !
for 25 bucks is a good deal!
At first I was going to say it was an Ovation knock off, then I saw the label... Interesting.

Post those pics over at The Ovation Fan Club. They should be able to help ID that one.
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