I found a guitar in Goodwill which is of the Squier HM series.
It was made in Korea...silver in color with "floyd rose" <--(typo) Kahler bridge. HSH with one tone and one volume knob.

You'd think it was an Ibanez from 10 feet away.

It's beautiful, but has neck damage that appears to be beyond repair.
The neck is set.

Would it cost more than it's worth to replace it?
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Are you getting the guitar for free?
I'd say go for it. Use it as a project guitar. Something to learn off of.
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A new neck will be $100–$300. If you can install it and set up the guitar yourself and already have the tools the costs end there. If you have to buy tools to make a new neck fit the guitar, well, tools ain’t cheap. If you have to pay a tech to make a new neck fit it costs even more. Honestly, I don’t really remember any Korean squier strats that would be worth the effort to fix up; you would be better off just spending the money to get a new Chinese Squier or watch Craigslist for a used Classic Vibe or MIM.

In general I don’t find that fixing up old guitars is worth it. Sure some people get lucky and score something amazing at a pawn shop now and then. But, for the most part, when someone is dumping a beater guitar for under $100, it will cost more to restore than to just get a newer guitar.
Go for it, GB&C would love to see restoration of it.
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I personally would restore it...good learning experience.
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