i was wondering, a guitar hero toy les paul has about the same size and shape as a real les paul. so if you were to remove the neck, put in a real les paul neck, add a bridge, pickups etc, wouldn't you have your very own plastic guitar? just wondering
that sounds like a god awful idea
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Enough said.
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with the same money to get a plastic guitar to work as a normal guitar and spend a year to get it to sound even as good as a squier, you could just by a good quality guitar.
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You don't know one thing about real guitars do you.

my thoughts exactly
What??? No. Just... No. You would get a better sounding instrument by stretching rubber bands across a tissue box.
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Troll. That's the only possibility.

I hope so
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I can write a coherent tune ... But 3/4? I play rock, not polka.

I love how every single person here jumps down this poor dudes throat.

He posted a QUESTION, so he obviously doesn't know if it will work or not.
I guess curiosity killed the UGer.
Jesus Christ people, no wonder why I come to this site like once a week.

To TS: if you think doing that would be a fun project, to try and make it sound ok, then by all means go for it. Dont let anyone tell you it's stupid. It might not sound amazing, but who gives a shit, you had fun right?
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