Everytime I start writing a song I'll write like two lines and then I get stuck. I can make it all about the same thing and make it rhyme, but then my brain kind of farts and I get lost and then I forget the lines that came before. Does anybody have any good tips as to what I should be looking for in my songs when I am writing them?
When you get stumped go do something else, like go out to a movie or something. And i do not know what your composition style is but what i do is get a piece of paper and write a topic down and the write random lines in no order down and form a song. Reading also helps alot i found once i started reading more advanced liteature i became a better songwritter. here is a song i wrote today.
Pumping through my veins, a subtle angst

calmed by a courageous face

Sick nor sane a marathon in my mind

that only starts sometimes

from the depths of my being

to the pieces of paper

his word is all full no fiction

a benediction to keep alive

i better start living

before i die.
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This may be gray area kinda stuff but.. uhm.. Smoke a spliff?
I find chilling to some good weed and just thinking can bring out some amazing stuff. Don't force it, it'll end badly. Cloudkicker covered the majority of ideas I was thinking of..

PS. Drugs are bad m'kay?