I am a beginner when it comes to guitar, i've been playing about 3 months now. I have an epiphone les paul standard plus. The songs I can play are

Jimi Hendrix - Purple Haze
Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit - Solo
AC/DC - Back in black - intro
Michael Jackson - Beat it -Main Riff
Guns 'n' Roses - Sweet child 'o mine - intro

What I'm trying to figure out is some beginner guitar songs that I can learn to help me become a better guitarist. So i'd very much appreciate it if you all could list a few songs you first learned when you got your guitar.

I also have a line 6 spider IV 15 watt amp, so if you could give me the settings to use with the song that would be wonderful! Thanks
the damnation game - symphony x
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Rusty Cooley- Dark Matter

but on a serious note, Avenged Sevenfold: Nightmare. That should be hard enough for a beginner that it's a bit of a challenge, but nowhere near hard enough that you'll get frustrated and stop playing it.
Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water

Blackmore's Night - Minstrel Hall << If you wanna improve your finger picking.

Metallica - Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

Metallica - The Unforgiven

Guns N' Roses - Knocking On Heaven's Door

Metallica - Master Of Puppets << Seriously! Practise this really slow at first, if you can nail this song you could probably play any Metallica song out there.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication

Black Sabbath - Paranoid

If you want more, send me a PM.

Hope This Helped,
Try learning a Beatles song or two.
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