I have been in a severe writers block for about 2 months. Ive tried listening to different types of music to get me out, but I have no clue how to get out of it. Everything i try to write doesn't have the feel i want it to, it seems either too boring, or to recycled. It's like every riff has been written before. Any ideas? I really need some help.
Play a lot. Hours each day. Remember anything you find interesting.
Try a new tuning.
Pick a tempo and try to write a riff to it.
Play harmonics until something emerges.
Try to find a new tone and write to it.
Say a sentence and try to write a riff to the rhythm of it "like how 'scrambled eggs,' became the Beatles' 'Yesterday.'"

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Whenever I get writer's block I'll try to write a song about a random subject or pick a random object & try to write about it. I won't concern myself with whether or not it's good; since it's just an exercise to get the creative juices flowing again. Sometimes I'll teach myself a new word & try to use it in a song.
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