It's a modern jazz funk trio I've been really into lately. They're pretty awesome. The pianist they have plays the B-3 organ side with his hands, but also doubles as a bass player using the bass keys on his feet. The guitarist Eric Krasno is a very versatile guitarist who can switch from a very jazzy style, to funk real quick. Mixed into all that he has an obvious blues influence with all his playing. The group really complements each other really well. Just wanted to know if anybody else was into them? If not check out something new!

One of the first songs that got me into the group. El Ron

Another groovy one. Bridge to Bama
Uh, YES! I've seen them twice, and hopefully I can make it 3 by the end of the year, they don't play the Bay Area that much though. They're great enough live that the albums seem disappointing in hindsight.

Also check out Lettuce. It's Kraz and Niel Evans, plus the Shady Horns, Adam Dietch, and a bass player, and other guitarist.


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Yeah man can't believe I missed them down here in Miami a couple weeks ago. That was completely my fault. I hear they're ridiculously good live. Lettuce is real dope too. That song breakout by them NEVER gets old.
I'm familiar with their Get Down! album. I haven't listened to it a whole lot, but I really like to throw it on from time to time. It just makes you feel good.

There are some things on there that even make me think of some jazzy Hip-Hop. Like A Tribe Called Quest's The Love Movement album.

Oh, and Lettuce is pretty hip too...
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I love the crap out of soulive. I'm really disappointed that I won't be able to see them in two weeks, but man. Killer group.
I will be checking these guys out later today.
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