I was going to get a Yamaha FG700S with a 25 and 9/16 inch scale, which I like, because not only have I heard it has a bright sound, but the scale length is a bit longer than my current acoustic, so I'd get more string tension, which I also like. But I saw the yamaha APX500, which is smaller, so I'd imagine it would sound brighter, but the scale length is only 25 inches. Would I be able to notice a difference in the string tension there?
The tension would definitely be different. As speaking in electrics... I had to use .11s on my Ibanez for D standard whereas I need .12s on my Gibson for D standard. The shorter the scale length, the thicker strings you need. I think that the FG700S would feel quite okay with .11s in E standard, where the APX500 would demand for .12s, at least to my fingers. I'm used to quite heavy tension, but not really heavy.
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I usually use 13s in D standard. I'm guessing the APX500 wouldn't be too great for that. I guess I'm getting the FG700S then...I hate short scales.