I have a schecter c1 hellraiser and i love it to death. one of only a few things i dislike about it is the tuning stability. it never quite stays in tune very well. could someone recommend something i could do to help this? whether it be new tuners or double locking bridge (non-trem, preferably with no body work needing to be done)
also, no real budget, i'm just trying to get some ideas of what i may be able to due farther down the road
Tuning stability is affected by many factors. It can be the bridge, but also the tuning pegs, and even a bad nut (because of the friction). If the guitar doesn't have a tremolo bridge, retrofitting one would be a painful and expensive job. An overall improvement of the stability would be to replace the tuning pegs by some locking ones. There are quite a few good locking tuners: Grover, Gotoh, Schaller, but the cheapest (and very good too) are the Korean JinHo. They're about 35-40 euros on ebay. Grovers tend to be quite expensive.