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Have a plan for my future
45 44%
Live everyday as it happens
57 55%
Already reached my goal bro
1 1%
Voters: 103.
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Do you plan your future at all, like have a career goal which you're aiming for at the moment or are you more the type of person who will live life as it happens.

I would describe myself as the second one at the moment, i studied IT but i am currently focusing on the band at the moment, you?
I haven't gone as far to plan what Uni I want to go to or anything, but I know generally I want to go into pschology.
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I'm studying what I enjoy here in uni and will worry about the rest as it comes.
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Nope, I'm not sure what I want to make my career. I plan on running for my town's city council in a few years, though.
I've got ideas of where I want to go and what I want to do, but in the end I pretty much take every day as it comes with little regards to the future.
I don't know I haven't thought about that.
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Quote by CoreysMonster
I've got ideas of where I want to go and what I want to do, but in the end I pretty much take every day as it comes with little regards to the future.

Pretty much this. I have some upcoming projects and ideas but nothing is really set when it comes to me having a job in the future or so.
I have a plan but I keep having to re-adjust it because things get shitted up. However it's basically back on track now.
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Plans never work out the way you expect them to. I plan but only for the near future.
I'm rgrockr and I do not approve of this message.
I have a half decent career wich I enjoy, only thing I have planned for now is moving out next summer! othe then that, I just enjoy life as it comes.
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Got a clear career plan. It's clear cut and practical, but I'm living with the idea that I might never end up on it. That's completely okay, I can't have everything go my way. It might be an inadvertent blessing to be knocked off my path and onto something else.

I'm not above any job, and I'm happy with knowing that. Real happy, in fact. I hate people judging others because of what job they have. All I want is job satisfaction and a living wage. If a less valued job gets me that, I'm cool with it.
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Plans never work out the way you expect them to. I plan but only for the near future.

I have one, three and five year plans but I don't know what I'll have for dinner.
Smile when you say that.
Generally, yes. I'm primarily looking at federal agent type job after I get my initial degree(s), although it's all very subject to change. I have a few different plans of action roaming around in my head instead of sticking with just one. I can't afford to "live life as it comes" anymore, although I'm pretty certain that I will always have to have a job/profession/whatever that is fairly dangerous/violent/adventurous
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Plans never work out the way you expect them to. I plan but only for the near future.

things don't work out the way you expect them to, so you don't plan at all?
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Well I'm not that sure what I want to do... because there's lots of things I'd like to do, rather than can't think of anything. Bitter-sweet predicament yall
I worry about the day to day mostly, no time like the present, but I'm making sure to set myself a good future by being a Marketing major and working as many hours as I can at a butcher shop as a meat wrapper right now. Figure a degree and work experience will at least help me out little someday.
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I don't plan my future because thats naive and this way i won't be disappointed when things inevitably don't work out.
I am scared shittless right now...becuase all i have on my mind is my future...and i dont have much of one...so...FML....

.... might just be the depression getting to me...but i hate life..
I haz gotten gud
if you mean plan what im drinking the next night as im drinking then yes. i plan my future quite often.
I'm too impulsive, and I hate tying myself down to a goal. I think its healthier to get into things not necessarily with the goal being to complete them.
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I have no expectations and no set goals or paths. I'm not about to set myself up for a string of demoralising failures just to end up successful. I'll just do what I feel I enjoy and go where that takes me.
I have a really bad OCD with planning the future, not even just planning, more worrying. When I plan, I worry about achieving that goal.

It used to be that I couldn't get over the past, but now I look too far ahead in the future for trivial things.

Yes, poop.
I plan out everything. I plan to be a professional musician, probably session (if I'm not a rockstar ) or teacher. I still need to figure out which college I'm going to, I was thinking MI, but I don't know which music college is for what.
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I've planned a bunch of different career paths and they're all super detailed but I'm prepared for anything.
I have no idea what I want to do. I'm unemployed and not enrolled in college.
I just go with the flow, bro.
I have preferences for what my future will generally be like, but I know that everything's bound to change from that.
I just roll with it. I guess I'm livin' day to day...
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I had most things planned out then my plans were ruined by events beyond my control. Now I'm still in bitter shock and don't really see the point in setting up goals that you really have no control over anyway.

Besides, it's hard enough to live month to month in the current economic environment, you have to take whatever decent opportunities arise whenever they quickly pop up. They're few and far between and their half-life is incredibly short, so I'd figure even big decisions need to be quick ones for young people today.

In the last two weeks I've gotten two extremely tentative offers for fall or 2012. For the last 2 years I was offered absolutely nothing except for my current job. I have no idea which offer would be better for me, which is more likely to fall through, etc. No real choice but to wing it with no pretense of understanding the decision's long term effects.
I prefer to have a rough plan that outlines what I want to accomplish in the future. Not so much a plan on how to attain them, or the details on how I want it to go, but I know what I'm interested and where I want to go in life. But not really a plan. So in between I suppose. I enjoy living life day by day; until things get shitty and every day is no fun, then it's nice to be able to look forward to the future, y'know?

I'm majoring in English at uni, so no, I have no plans for my future.
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I'm majoring in English at uni, so no, I have no plans for my future.

I know you're being a little cheeky, but I think that's a 90% accurate assessment right now, and I'm usually the guy parading around the list of "100 jobs you can get with an English degree!"
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