Hi everyone...
Just released my third 'Space Monkey and the Space Monkeys' album, this one is titled: 'MutationEight'
I did everything at home myself, except the Mastering, on an Ibanez JS100 some Digtitech effects and Acid Pro
Atomic Bliss Bomb: http://soundcloud.com/thespacemonkeys/atomic-bliss-bomb
Non-Terrestrial Peace Inverter: http://soundcloud.com/thespacemonkeys/non-terrestrial-peace-inverter

Please enjoy, let me know what you think and thanks for letting me share my music with you.
Chris D
liking the tunes!

can i ask what vst/synth you used for the sub bass at the very start of peace inverter? It's got a nice warmth to it. Thanks
Tune my fork: Honestly I'm not sure. I did this album after work over a long period of time and honestly can't remember sorry.
Thanks for the kind words mate.
Thanks Boav...
I really liked the guitar in The Congregations, very interesting progression there *S*