These are some lyrics I wrote a while ago. I would love input.

If there was something
You could ask of me
Would you shy away?
Would you have me answer
If I could scale a mountain
Or engulf a street in flame?

Am I useless?
Do you want me to die?
I'll take as many with me
As I can fit in this gun sling

If there was something
You wanted of me
Would you let me know?
What I could comply
Bringing you great treasures
And give you silver and gold?

Am I useful?
Do you want me to stay?
I will until you cast me aside
Or until my dying day

Scars and memories will always remain
Seen by everyone we hate
Will I be denied when I am at the gate?
Do I know how to be free?

I speak the truth you want to hear
What other way is there to live?
Gaining nothing for what I give
And not asking for a thing?

Before I close my eyes you will see
The definition of idolatry is me
I beseech you.
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How was Confucius death metal?
You've clearly never read any Confuscius.

As I wait on the edge of the earth,
I can see the walls being torn down again
Only to be rebuilt in another name,
On a different day