I have a Les Paul Studio at the moment, i want to get a new guitar, and I'm torn between a p90 or single coil sound. My solution, have both. Now the question is, coil tap my humbuckers (not sure if I can do it on my pickups) and get a LP special, or Put p94s in my current LP and have a push/pull that eliminates a portion of the coil (yes that can be done) and get a strat. Which "solution" would you go for?
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i wouldn't half ass it. splitting coils only kinda gets you a single coil sound. decide on whether you want a single coil sound or the P-90 sound (which is a grittier single coil) and go for it. personally i'd get the strat.
Actually , the p90 is a single coil itself so i don't know if that splitting coil thing would actually work on a p90 .... just get a strat or a les paul junior....(btw the p90 sound is not for everyone, you should actually try a guitar with that pickup and see if you like it)
I just put some Manson MBK2s in my Les Paul. The neck is a P-90 and the Bridge a humbucker, and I coil tapped the bridge. It was easy and it sounds great. You could probably do it much cheaper though if you dont want to spend the money on those specific pickups.