I have a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier and Blackstar HT-100 amp head. I will only be using one amp at a time (NEVER both at the same time) and running both into a single 4x12 cab.

So long story short, will I blow anything up by connecting both amps into the same mono input on the back of my 4x12 cab with a Y-cable? I don't want to make it stereo and only have half of the cab going at one time (being as I will never use both amps at the same time) and I don't really want to get a AB switch if I don't need to.

Just wondering if the amp that is running will cause any damage to the amp that is turned off (completely off, not on standby).

Thanks for any advise!
Its probably not a good idea. Just don't be lazy and switch em whenever you have to.

Having them both connected through a Y connector could potentially mess up the load, and could blow your head. I wouldn't risk it.
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No you can't do that. You will still be placing the secondary coil of the output transformer of the one that's off across the speaker completely screwing up the impedance. The amp that's on will be the one that blows.
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some 4x12 cabs have stereo capabilities..
its like having 2 212 cabs in a vertical position

you can either set amp 1 on the left channel
and the other on the right

i think thats the only way you can do it.

i have to agree with Cathbard