Hey everyone. I've been playing guitar again, so I'm thinking about getting a new guitar (sold my 470 to a friend a year ago, playing my GSA60 now). For $599 I don't think I can find much better than the S570 (mahogany body, quality locking trem, light/thin, etc.).


^S570B metallica grey. I like the natural finish S470 for $529 but I like full inlays.

I want to throw in some new pickups, though I'm not sure which. I would need both a bridge and neck humbucker. I'm going to be playing a wide variety of music, a lot of alt rock (think Minus the Bear/Incubus) and clean stuff, but I still want something that can handle heavier metal (think Tool/Between the Buried and Me/Metallica).

I also sold my Peavey XXX Super 40, so I'm looking for a new tube amp. Something cheap and low-watt, for bedroom play and practicing with other guitarists.


^something like this. there's also a VHT model for around the same price and one for around $330. headphones would be nice too for playing at night.
Any ideas? I'm really out of the amp loop, especially with these small 1-6w tube amps. Can't recall all the research I did years ago about pickups, and I'm sure there's some new ones out there
I know I'm not being helpful, but why'd you ditch the XXX? It's far far more versatile than any of those low wattage amps and IMO sounds 10 times better too.

Anyway, the 570 is a good guitar. Personally I'm wary of guitars under $1k that have trems on them, so make sure you really do some research beforehand. When it comes to pickups, it would be beneficial to have an amp first, and figure out what you don't like about the pickups you have in your current guitar. Dimarzio and SD have tone and output ratings on their sites so you can better choose what you want that way.
I stopped playing for awhile and needed the money, so I sold it to my friend. I'm not looking to spend much on an amp right now, just a small tube combo that I'll be using some pedals with.

I had a 470, so the 570 is pretty appealing. The ZR trem is awesome so no concerns there. I'm tempted to spend more an get a used prestige S2170
I'm going to replace the bridge pickup in my s470 with a d-activator. Def need something with more output for metal than the stock one. I don't use the neck enough to warrant spending money on it. If I did, I'd probably go for a liquifire.

You could also look for a used vypyr 60 tube combo. Good metal tone than sounds great at low volumes.
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Any way you could get the XXX back?

Other than that I second the tube Vypyr suggestion.
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I could always steal it back from my friend the next time I'm at his apartment, but he'd probably notice.

I was just looking for something tube, cheap, and low-watt. These $200-300 combos by Blackstar/Blackheart/VHT/Bugera all look appealing, and some have support for an external cab. I could grab an Avatar cab with Celestions next year and eventually get a proper tube head down the line when I'm better. I took about a year or so off from playing, so I'm not looking to spend much at the moment on an amp.
out of any of those amps i would only consider the VHT. if they are still made as they were when i researched them, everything is on a turretboard. simple mods, simple fix if it breaks down.

VHT or gtfo
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