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Here's something I came up with today, it's short and a little repetitive but I like it and want some opinions on it, please check it out
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Sounds cool. Very atypical as far as melodeath goes, nary an ATG ripoff riff to be heard. What you should really do is upload a GP or Tux file. I like to see what I'm listening to for these kinds of things. However, it sounds pretty boss.
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I'll upload a tux file, as soon as I tab it (I used Tabit of course). Huge thanks for listening and commenting man!
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Sounds great, it reminds me of Black Dahlia Murder, which I really like
Great riffs, melodies, etc... Maybe it's too short?
However, I like this. Keep up making good songs please
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Once again a gp file or a tux guitar file would be nice, as for some reason my laptop will not play midi.

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