say I like a guitar tone on a band's album (metalilca's master of puppets)

would it be a cheap and lame to use their guitar tone...in other words, would people instantly think of MoP's guitar tone when they hear it? Or, is this a somewhat common practice?


Orion's instrumental in particular. the tone i'm digging

Like really, guitar tone can make or break a song for me

Mastodon's cover's cover. Totally different feel, really. not as impactful imo
I wouldn't worry about it. Do whatever sounds best and I doubt anyone will care.
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wait is that for sure the original guitar tracks of Orion

i've never heard the original song with just guitars. metallica had a facking amazing lead on that track, wow.
Good luck getting the exact tone. Also if you're not playing MoP they probably won't think of it.

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Good luck getting the exact tone.

Yeah, there are a shitload of variables that went into that tone, and I'm sure they even have trouble replicating it live perfectly.
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It's a Mesa Mark III multi-tracked thru a ADA MP-1 pre-amp. I think Kirk's lead tone was tailored through a Marshall JCM 800 as well, but its mostly the Mark and the pre-amp.

Yeh. You aren't replicating that tone.
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