New to electric guitar (after years playing acoustic) and in the process of getting a setup going. So far, I have a MiM fat strat and a few pedals and have been playing on my roommate's Peavey Butcher while I look for my own amp. But for now, got a newbie question.

Is there such thing as a practice amp that you could play at "that's loud for a stereo, but soft for a basement" volume and not lose much tone, when playing with heavy reverb and distortion? Or is that just a silly question? I have a basement to practice in now, so I can crank the Butcher, and my setup sounds best only when it's LOUD. Is that an amp issue or a general electric guitar issue? I know that I can't get the exact same sound of course.

Basically I know nothing about the capabilities of practice/headphone amps, so just wondering. Thanks!
There is lots of smaller amps out there, but most of them aren't geared towards high gain. Just get what sounds best, if you can't crank it so be it. All that matter, IMO, is how you sound when playng with a group.
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Depends on the answer to my question, i.e., what these things can even be expected to do. Let's say up to $500 used.
Well the reason I ask, is because there is a small variety of baby amps that use tubes. If you can afford one, they are going to give the best simulation of a full size tube amp. They are especially nice to have when using FX like OD and distortion. Nothing sounds like a tube being overdriven... And as for volume, well, kinda depends on the power out and speaker size. And that goes back to budget. For $500.00 used, you can get a real nice small amp that will give plenty of volume, yet still sound pretty good at lower volumes. No modeller sounds the same, not IMHO anyway. Personally I like Orange amps for their babies. But they are real pricey.
What types of music do you play? We can suggest used AC15's all day, but if you play nothing but death metal it's not gonna help you much.

But yeah, $500 should get you a pretty nice amp if you search the local used market.... speaking of the local market... approximately where in the world do you live? Again, suggesting certain brands may be counterproductive if they're astronomically expensive where you live.

EDIT: To answer your question about volume, pretty much any tube amp is going to sound its' best when the volume is cranked. But there are a lot of small tube amps that are like 5W or less, and you can crank them to get that juicy power tube breakup without being deafening. I think some can even switch down to 0.25W.

Just bear in mind that the lower the wattage, the less clean headroom you'll have. So if cleans are important you may want to look for something in the 10-20W range at least.
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