I have this sort of Ibanez neck copy, and I want to put it onto my modded Squire. I've done plenty of woodwork to guitars in the past, so I'm not a total noob, but my biggest question is if I can just unscrew the back plate, slip in the new neck (after drilling holes), and just screw it back on and rock out. OR do I have to shave down the base of the new neck? Pictures may help with clarity..
EDIT: Put new neck onto guitar, and this happens-
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Only took you 2 minutes after you made this thread to take the old neck off, and get the new one on, plus take the picture. But the problem (however slight) is obvious. The original fretboard/neck had that curve in it, while the new one doesn't. If it sits at a proper height, and you can live with that gap, why not?
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Copied text from another guitar forum, looking for second opinions. I'd rather not have a gap in my guitar, for obvious reasons. It's been suggested that I just sand a C curve into the base block. Does that seem logical?
Your new neck has to sit in the same exact spot as your old neck, meaning the 21st frets will have to be in the same place. You can either cut the pickguard and route the neck pocket deeper, or cut off the extra frets on the neck and sand it til it fits snug. They both are likely to bring issues, though I'm not sure what.

The bottom line is, your 12th fret has to be 12 1/4 inches from the saddle in order for the intonation to be right, and you'll want some room to move the saddle either way.
^ +1.

When you're putting a new neck on a guitar, you need to get the positioning spot on in order for it to intonate. Essentially, the distance between the nut and the 12th fret needs to be exactly the same as the distance between the 12th fret and the bridge saddle.

Because you're putting a 24 fret neck onto a guitar that only had 21 to start with, your scale will be too long; the neck would need to be sunk further into the body than it is now, probably even covering up the neck pickup slot.