Hello, I'm just sorting out my rig and its getting more complex and I need a bit of help. Currently I'm using a JMP-1 preamp. I run it through the return of my fx loop of my Marshall TSL60 Head - so effectively bypassing the TSL60 preamp and solely using the head's poweramp. So...that's all fine, but for my clean tones I really want to use the clean channel on the TSL60 head. Is there any way i could set something up where I can carry on using the tsl60 as a poweramp but switch between the jmp1 preamp and tsl60 preamp instantly???


Get an A/B switch, connect the TSL's fx-loop-out and the JMP1's output to it. Then hook the switch up to the loop-in. Stomp on the switch to switch between the preamps.

EDIT: You'd need a splitter in front of the preamps though... or maybe put the A/B-switch in the front and do the stuff in the loop with a Y-cable? I'm not sure that'd work.
There's also A/B-switches that switch several functions simultaneously, so you could do the splitting/switching for both the loop and the front with one unit. I'll look up some stuff.
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Cool, thanks, just to complicate things further I'd like the g major I'm getting to work with both! Any clever connecting stuff to make that happen too?
Oh, no idea. Maybe ask the guys in the DSP thread, they'll know more:

EDIT: I guess you could just have a switch after the outputs of your preamps and before the g-major, then connect the major's output to the fx-loop's return. That'd work. But with some luck, the major will have some nice routing options onboard, but I really don't know that.
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yeah id say the g major goes into the effects loop return.

the send and output of the jmp would go into the a/b box which would go into the g majors input

then you would have your guitar plugged into the input of the tsl and jmp via a splitter. then the a/b box would switch between tsl and jmp
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