Hey, we're a hard rock band called United Front, a five piece band from a small town in California. If you would, check out some of our songs. We just finished recording the songs that will end up on a demo CD of sorts that'll be passed around our small town. Feedback would be much appreciated and if you like what you hear, 'like' us on Facebook perhaps

(Mill's End, Alien and Splendidus will be on the demo.)

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Cool stuff! REcording quality is not the best, but the songwritings brilliant. Gave yous a like on FB.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen a like on Facebook here:

Cheers. We appreciate it
Thanks for the input, and I went ahead and returned the favor! (I really dig the songs and melodies you have going on.) And we don't have the best recording quality, but we make do with what we have
United Front has recently recorded some new songs and made some changes!


ReverbNation is updated, as well as our Facebook page and our YouTube Page which includes videos from our recent shows. We be a four-piece now, but we're making ground. Please check us out.
UPDATE: We have an upcoming show to anyone who lives near or can easily get to Sacramento, California.


Tickets are 10 dollars, and you get a big event with lots of other artists and whatnot, plus food and partying. It's a great deal, and it would help us out if we could get some people to purchase tickets to help us out, thanks.

United Front