Hey everyone,

I've just bought a line 6 ux1 usb port a few months ago. I've already covered some songs with it as you can check on my youtube channel and I will use it for recording my band's demo if I can get a good sound.

Please check out my 4 last covers (or only one of them at least ) and tell me what do you think about the sound.

By the way, I'm mainly looking for an high gain sound, in which I can get sweet palm mutes and play post-hardcore stuff as well. I'm searching for a rock ballad low gain preset too, which I haven't got nothing simillar yet

Another question: my line 6 is getting a bit of fuse noise when playing with it. I've already tested with 3 diferent guitar cables, so I think it shouldn't be from the cable. It's that normal or there's something wrong with my guitar or with the usb port?

Waiting for reply as soon as possible.
Thanks a lot for your time and help everyone, and keep rocking \m/
Hi i have a similar problem with the whole fuzz thing, its not the line 6 or the guitar but its ether because your using too much gain or bass or both but im still not sure on what it is with mine just keep testing new sounds and that until you think you've got the right one. Oh by the way check out my youtube channel too!Sub for sub? http://www.youtube.com/user/MattDrinky91?feature=mhee
Thanks for helping dude. You have an ux1 too?
I've checked it and loved your original stuff. Just subbed and added as friends, glad if you sub back ^^

Btw, do you use msn?
What software are you using to record? Are you adding any effects apart from those in pod farm? Are any of the signals clipping at any point?
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Thanks a lot for your help dudes.
I have the Line 6 POD Studio UX1 (I think it's pretty simillar to Line-6 TonePort UX1) and it came with POD Farm but I wasn't using it, I was playing with Guitar Rig 4, cause I've never explored guitar software too much, I'm doing it now.

So now I will try the GearBox, it's seems the best software to what I'm searching for, and that video tutorials helped me as hell.

Thanks a lot to everyone once again!
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