Hello, im fairly new to making mixes. Im trying to make some djent mixes at home, im currently using cubase 5 and a pod hd bean. Im currently using some impulses (the lecab2) and im just using the treadplate from the pod (sounds pretty horrible :Z), so far im just been playing around in cubase, i have gotten any solid mixes at all, im not really good with the compression/high pass filter/low pass filter. Also, if anyone has any reccomendations for solid drum machines (like ezrummder etc) for djent that would be suitbale please throw it in !

thanks guys
if the pod sounds horrible maybe you need to tweak it better?? i've gotten great results with my pod hd. especially with the treadplate model.

for drums ezdrummer is pretty good, but superior is way better.
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Almost all djent mixes use Superior 2.0 for drums.

As far as sound goes, you're just going to need to learn how to mix, nothing we can really help you with unless you give us specific questions.
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