Quite surprised not to find a thread on these guys (and sometimes girl).

Rootsy/twangy/folky/melodic/honest fast music from Plymouth, Devon, UK.

Saw them last night for maybe the third time, supporting a tired-looking CapDown. Always a fun time, better live than on record.

New record, 'Union City Breath' just dropped.

Yes! Peter Miles recorded it, and everything he works on seems to sound fantastic, so I'm excited to get UCB. I loved the first album, missed them at the Lock-Up '10 but I'm seeing them on Sunday, so all will be good.

I've attempted tabbing a few songs with an absolute 0 success rate. Anyone got any?
Saw them the other night in Plymouth with Capdown, really great band, massively impressed. ill have to check them out again properly.
Im going to see them and agaist me! supporting frank turner, should be fun.

also, little bit of trivia, One of the members of crazy arm (I dont know which) Is kat marsh's (bassist in the king blues) brother
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They're playing here next month, should be good.


So just got back from this, fuck me they were good

I'm gonna be listening to only them for a couple of weeks now