This is my latest work, it's a lot more energetic than what I'd usually write so it's been a lot of fun doing so, I'd like to make more music like this in the future. Some parts still sound a bit messy to me but I'm quite happy with it for the most part. Planning on adding a vocal melody over the top also. Let me know what you guys think. RSE preferred.
Smiles For The Elderly.gp5
Smiles For The Elderly.gp4
what in the name---

I found the riff at bar 19 (and it's repeat) to be a bit lacking. I think it has to do with that C#5 chord as a resolution. It just doesn't work. I changed into a D/A# dyad, for what I believe to be a better effect.

Everything else is great though. In a song this disharmonic, I only found one chord I didn't like. Excellent!
Forgot to mention that i really the divebombs of the opening/main riff(s).
And bar 63. Very nice.
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