Hey guys

I have this little question. what is the effect like this called?

starts at 1:49, I just put a cymbal backwards with a bit of filtering but I've needed this sort of effects a lot and I don't know what they are called, can anybody help me with the names and where I can get this sort of samples?
Yep, usually I take a cymbal hit, put some huge sounding reverb on it, print the track, then reverse it and add more reverb if needed
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are you guys serious?

that's a hell of a coincidence, like reinventing somethign that's done all around the world haha

mmm how about that mmm let's call it 'coupling' sound (the same only with a filter, do you put a bandpass filter or something?) like the ones they put before the bombs explode and all
Bandpass it then automate it to be 100% wet and beginning of sound and 100% dry at the end. If I am talking about what I think your talking about (The effected on the whoosh reverse cymbal).