Well, I want to buy a Schecter C-1 Custom FR ( http://www.schecterguitars.com/Products/Guitar/C-1-Custom-FR.aspx ) but it has a Floyd Rose Licensed and not an Original. I'm quite paranoic about having a low-quality floating trem, because it can cut a lot on sustain and tuning stability, f**king up your whole guitar (personal experience). It's a shame to not buy this guitar, so, if I buy it, and see that the bridge is not ok, is it possible to swap it for another floyd?

Can you swap a floyd on a guitar for another floyd?
There's various sizes of LFR's, some are direct fits to the OFR and can be changed. Others either require routing or are too big. If you can find out the measures of the route for the LFR in the Schecter you can compare them to the measures of the OFR and see if they're the same, think that'd work.
That Floyd is directly replaceable with the OFR. But.. 1000 series Floyd Roses aren't really as bad as the licensed ones in guitars that are $100-600.
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