Hello. My band is working on some songs, and we're planning a gig or two in the near future. We have an idea of how we may want our set order for our first show to go, I don't have any song links, but it may go like this (we're a metal/core band btw):

Her Voice Resides (by bullet for my valentine, excellent opener)
In Flames We Trust(very metal, pretty heavy and fast, pump up original)
Gutterfingers(Dethklok melodeath type of song, a bit slower and more consistent)
Monument (cover by Miss May I, metalcore song, keep the energy)
Reapers (super catchy riff, it's single-worthy, has an older hardcore type of vibe with a guitar solo)
Owlbear(not the most catchy, but enjoyable and has that 'big' feel to it, breakdown at the end)
Slower song, yet to be named (may not do this one)
Misery Business (by Paramore/Sea of Treachery, fun song to do, get the crowd going)
Closing song (which will be an original)

The problem is that we aren't necessarily sure what to do for a closing song. Our vocalist's old band had this one original song that they debuted at their school's music show after 2 covers, and they used it as their closing song for both of their shows before they split. It was probably the most memorable out of their 3 originals, and I want something that the audience will find enjoyable and will remember.

So, how should we go about figuring out our closing song? Should it be something a crappy teenage garage band can call a 'single'? Reapers is the catchiest thing we have, but I wasn't sure about using it as an ender or not. Again, I don't have any of our originals up, but how do YOU go about choosing your closing song for a gig?
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I think as a closing song you want whatever is the song you're the tightest on, the one that will leave people asking what hit them.
A catchy song with a easily identifiable climax (crazy guitar solo, or something). Usually pretty long.

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