I pick far back close to the bridge, and don't wish to pick closer to the neck.

But the volume knob is starting to annoy me as it gets in the way of my playing the treble strings sometimes.

Any suggestions? Any super strats you know of where the volume knob sits behind the humbucker or even further? Thanks
Take the knob off or move the volume pot to a new location.
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For my strats I cut down the pot stems with a dremel cutting wheel and fashioned low profile knobs I made from antler. I'm sure any type of hardwood wood work well for knobs also.
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On regular Strats a common mod is to take out the volume control and convert the first tone control into a volume and the second tone into a master tone for all pickups.

If you're thinking about rear-route super strats, try Kramer. I'm not up to date on the most recent models but all the old ones had their volume controls further away from the pickups.