I've been playing guitar for about 18 months and i think mmy biggest weakness is being able to learn stuff by ear. Like so many other guitarists nowadays i pretty much completely rely on tab to learn things. I go on ear training sites and im quite good at recognising intervals but i can't carry the skill over to learning songs by ear.

Are there any very very simple songs that you guys could reccomend i learn by ear. I want to start out very simple (i can't even learn green day stuff by ear atm)

Any other help/suggestions are appreciated.
First I ever learned was Bombtrack by Rage Against The Machine. Try that.

Other than that, there's no subsitute for practice.
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Shooting Star-Bad Company was my first.
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Try to figure out what it is before you go to the instrument. Even if its just a couple note lick or something, give it some thought first. Its a futile effort at the start, but it will help a lot even if you just do it for a couple months

The word Transcribe means being able to notate a piece of music onto paper. What your having problems with is your Ear Training not transcribing.

Basically its just a matter of being able to identify what technique the guitarist is using and what notes/scales/chords they're playing. Sweep Picking, Alternate Picking, Tapping, Legato, Harmonics Major Scales, Harmonic Minor Scales, Blues Scales, Pentatonic Scales, Major Chords, Minor Chords, Seventh Chords, Diminished Chords. Intervals. Every single note and technique has its own identity or sound to it so to speak. Its only a matter of being able to get to know them better.

Knowing scales is extremely beneficial to figuring out solos or songs. Once you develop an ear for a scale you will immediately be able to recognize it in a song. This way instead of guessing random notes you will automatically know the patterns in which the notes originate from.

Same goes for chords. Once your able to identify the way a chord sounds youll immediately be able to recognize it in a song and instead of just guessing random notes you'll use the shape of the chord. For example diminished chords sound dark and dissonant while major chords sound bright and consconant. The more you train your ear to these sounds the easier it gets.

Another thing to note is that understanding Key Signatures can be very helpful in learning a song by ear. If a song was in the key of GMaj/Em I would immediately know that the notes in the song consist of A B C D E F# G. This sitll wont tell you the notes that are being played but it can really help eliminate alot of the ones that don't fit the key.

I hope this advice helps you with your ear training and I wish you luck.