First of all, Excuse me if this is already answered somewhere and this thread wasn't necessary (i know how picky people are here over UG with threads), but i want to ask something, so Please read this, please:

I wanted to ask what do you think about this guitar-dilema i got over here, I already ordered one of these guitarsand dont know if i did right?, heres the story:

1. I live in Venezuela (pretty faaar away from the USA or the like...), i decided to order this guitar online form the 'states because of the price (it was either buying from the USA at 300$, or buying here in venezuela at a cost that translates to almost 1000$ usa dollars for exactly the same guitar, so....)

2. i prefered to buy new because, well.... again by living here, if there's a problem with the guitar, how the hell i do return it? or something.... (think about getting ripped off :S)

3. I Couldn't buy a better guitar (say 500$+ range) because (again, thanks to this f***ing country) banks over here will let me use only up to 400$ a year, and i already did spent some 50$ on some things, and i Really Wanted a guitar with a Floyd, so thanks to that it was this guitar, some Ibanez with a edge III ( :S ) or something even cheaper/lower quality.

SO, I actually tryed one of these here and liked it, but don't know (and what worries me) how long would last the LFR working perfectly, maybe a year, perhaps?, to be honest i could define my overall trem-use to something really Greg Howe-ish, just some vibrato, some times some small divebombs here and there; and really i dont use it on every song/improv, kind of 50%-50% with or without using it.

So in the end, did i made a good choice? on the longer run would i be able to remplace the trem with an OFR?

And BTW Thanks for your help and Sorry for The HUGE Wall of text xD, and hoping you can help this little worried fellow over here <

tl;dr: Bought a cheap guitar with a trem because of having a really tight situation and im worried 'bout that, did i made a good choice here?
You should be fine, if not sell it for a profit where your at and get a better guitar from the US.
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The FR should last you quite awhile if you set it up right and are just doing some vibrato and a few divebombs with it. And yes, you can replace it with an OFR in the long run. I'd say that you made a pretty good choice and you have nothing to be worried about.