I was thinking of getting a voodoo lab pedal power 2...
I have a 93' dunlop fuzz face reissue....
is this pedal reverse polarity? would I need a reverse polarity battery terminal plug to connect to the PP2?
I don't think so.. I have a Fuzz Face, but a different power supply.. I don't remember the name, but it's siimply a power adapter with a daisy chain of power connectors. It came as a kit with a few extra plugs to accomidate "special" effects boxes... One of which was a battery terminal plug, which came in hand for the Fuzz Face as it's the only box that I have that didn't have a power input jack. but the adapter is meant to immulate a battery, so, it works.. I saw one at Guitar center once, but don't remember what it cost... couldn't have been more than a couple of bucks...

The other challange I faced was making room on the fuzzface for the wire to come out of the bottom... I actually drilled a small hole close to the edge of the bottom plate then made a slot for the wire to come through... That way the wire didn't get cut from the plate clamping down on it.
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