My name is Clayton and I am fourteen years old, and I play fingerstyle guitar. I recently started a Youtube Channel hoping to get noticed. So far I only have two videos, and know a total of about 10 songs, I have a very limited library :P

Here is the link:
My Youtube Channel

Please look at my channel, I need recommendations for new songs or maybe even give me an existing song that would be easy to make a fingerstyle rendition of (preferably not Andy Mckee, as I know all the good possible ones by now).

Future uploads (songs I already have learned and just need to find time to record):

John Butler - Ocean
Andy Mckee - Blue Liquid
Andy Mckee - For Now

Songs I am Partly Finished Learning:

Andy Mckee - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Andy Mckee - Hunters Moon
Andy Mckee - Rylynn
Andy Mckee - For my Father

Aha, as you can see Ive basically maxed out my desire to learn anything by Andy Mckee for now, and would like some recommendations as to where I should look next. Anything?
You could try something along the lines of an acoustic Mr. Brightside by the Killers, I assume that would require fingerstyle playing and would be very interesting.
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I love that song and now that I think it up, it could sound awesome. I might even start writing tonight, thank you!
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Really nice, Clayton! The "Never Grow Old" cover was really clean. But your right hand technique is really bad is you want to play fingerstyle since it, if you want to play more advanced stuff, will be close to impossible if not impossible to play when you only are plucking with two fingers.

To force youself to improve the right hand technique you should perhaps find tunes where you quickly are changing strings where you need more fingers. Perhaps a tune like "Romance D'Amour" would be ideal to start with just to get a grasp on the technique. And if you're into Andy McKee, "Common Ground" would be nice I think.

If you want to push yourself to the limit with a tune that requires all the fingers - try a Ewan Dobon tune, like Level 5.

But really nice playing except that technique issue!
Aha yeah, I have trouble using all of my fingers for picking, the others fingers are slow and quiet, and I am horrid with a pick. Common Ground does use all most fingers but it is also hard as hell, so Ill check out that first one, thank you!
Cool stuff! Mr Brightside's not a bad shout. Maybe a good idea to pick something a lot of folk and will search for.

Would you mind repaying the favour and giving us a listen a like here:

Cheers. We appreciate it