I am interested in upgrading the neck single coil to a full size humbucker PAF style pickup for my fender blue paisley tele. Would I need to get a new pickguard to fit it or would it be able to be cut to size? The problem is the pickguard on my tele is clear plastic, so I assume it would be hard to find one with a humbucker route already cut out.

Any advice??

Thanks a lot,

WDMusic sell clear pickguards for most guitars with most pickup cuts. You can't really cut a pickguard from Tele single coil to full humbucker because of the position of the mounting holes and such.

Obviously you'll need to make sure your guitar is routed for a humbucker at the neck too. Some Teles are only routed for minihumbuckers or even a P90, be careful of that because it can look like a humbucker can fit in there but it actually won't.

You could get a pickup that is a humbucker in a single coil size. DiMarzio and Seymour Duncan both do a variety of humbuckers in the size of a Tele neck pickup.