Hello! This is my latest creation, just recorded and edited a few hours ago. I know some of the mixing is out of sync in a few parts, but nothing that really takes away from the music for me. My recording gear is not phenomenal, but I can get my ideas down atleast!

Here it is!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsmYNEFiIFk


EDIT: just realized I didn't fade out the ending like a meant to, don't listen to the whole thing expecting it to change!
Music must be honest to be timeless.
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Dude, your tone is awesome haha. Like you said about my song, I like this from the first note! Real funky intro, man. I like where the song goes after that, but I really wanted to hear some drums in there. If you want, you can make a drum track and send it to me as a midi file and I'll convert it into some real good sounding presets like the ones in my song. Besides that, the structure is alright, but I feel like it changes a bit too much. And the sweeping part, forgot where it was - was a little too random but well played. I suggest working on your songwriting structures and also tighten up your playing. That said, great job on this and thanks for commenting
The main part of the song is the first half, so just in case anyone is intimidated by the song length (trust me, i usually avoid really long ones too) just critique the first half or so, thats what I focused the most on, the second half is the beginning to another song I wrote that I felt worked as a quiet extended bridge. I might actually re-record this second half at some point to be heavier with distortion.
Music must be honest to be timeless.
I like the guitar riffs (sounds funky on the intro!), though the playing is a bit sloppy on the intro. The speed metal riff has better playing, though the guitar tone could be better on that. Kind of sounds like 3 separate songs because the guitar riffs often have radically different style. Please review my music at this link:

really nice tones, but i would recommend focusing on one of those various genres of your riffs, especially the funky/blues one in the intro (mine personal favourite), and making the drums, bass etc. nice progression.
Disclaimer: Obviously music is totally subjective.

That said. I did not like the tone. It seemed very flat to me and all mid with no high or low? I can definitely see the guitar skill in it, but the sheer speed and non-melodic nature of it did not appeal to me, no offense. Would love to hear it again with some drums at least.

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I really liked the tone for the intro - the playing could be a little more tight but I can tell that you are a great guitarist just by the way you create groove with your playing!

Overall it sounds like 3 different songs - with the intro being the most interesting.

If you have any questions about recording or programming drums feel free to ask - you've got great skills and decent ideas so its a shame that you dont have a good production to showcase them!

Check out my cover of NIN, it sounds a bit better than my black metal productions )


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