Alright, I decided to wait till my third pedal got to me before doing a NPD, so now it's finally time.

Anyway, I'll do the right thing and do a pic dump first

(Apologies for the dodgy pics and failed artistic effort, my camera hates me)

Anyway, first up we have two Toyroom FX Fuzzes built for me by UG and Australia's own Tim Green (Greeny23). I don't know the specifics of what he built into them, but they sound tasty. The blue based is generally more aggressive sounding, at least how I have it set, while the black based is generally woofier and rounder, at least that's how they are running by themselves. When I boost them with my BB Pre, these things are insane. Both as angry as each other, that is very fuzzy and cutting (in a good way) while still retaining the tonal characteristics that they had unboosted. A pair of fantastic and complementary pedals, and I would wholeheartedly recommend Tim/Toyroom FX to any and all people looking for great pedals.

Second down the line is a Morely Mini Volume. I picked this up from Yianni (NakedInTheRain), another Aussie UG'er. I haven't played with it much, aside from about 3 hours yesterday just creating trippy ambient soundscapes, but I get the feeling I'm going to be using this a hell of a lot. It functions exactly as it should, with a great responsive sweep, though this may be due to some tweaks Yianni made. Either way, I'd strongly recommend this if anyone wanted a volume pedal. Also, it really is quite small, making it pedalboard friendly.

Anyway, thanks for looking and reading
Check 'em out anyway. Tim's custom built pedals are actually really cheap, and fantastic value for money

EDIT: Cheers dude. Yeah, Tim did an excellent job with the finish, just what I was going for.
HNPD, Tim seems to be recommended by alot of UGers.....
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HNPD, Tim seems to be recommended by alot of UGers.....

great guy, great products, great service, great prices. what's there not to like?

he modded my whammy and built me a custom looper.
HNPD! Tim's a nice dude.
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HNGD. I'd like something modded/built by Tim eventually.

Also Yianni, if you have the time, PM what you did to the Morley to adjust the sweep. Thanks.
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Quote by JKHC
HNPD, Tim seems to be recommended by alot of UGers.....

And to build on what Yianni said, I've got a Toyroom modded Vox V845 as well, and even though it was only a simple mod, it sounds a far better than stock.
Quote by JKHC
HNPD, Tim seems to be recommended by alot of UGers.....

His work is reasonably priced and he's a friendly dude. Not really a whole lot more most UG'ers could ask for.
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