Okay, so I was at a music shop the other day and I played a 4-string Fender P-Bass with pickups that "dipped" into the body near the E, rose up near the A and D strings, and then dipped back down near the G. I ended up really liking this setup and was wondering if anybody else has seen it. If you have, how exactly would you do this on a bass with regular pickups? Thanks
You can do that with almost any pickup by adjusting the height screws.

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^ what he said, as long as it sounds good to you it works. That seems extreme so maybe the pickups were extremely bad to need that. as long as all the strings have uniform volume and such then it's alright.

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Yes, you could do that with any Precision pickups. Not with Jazz or similar ones though, since if I understood well, the p-ups look "curved" (though in a P-Bass it's actually 2 pickups).
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