It's a rock song from the past 10-20 years. All I remember is a guy making out with a girl in a bed and the girl was really, really hot. A good shot of his arm and her bare back. I've been trying to find it again for ages.

Any guesses?
That narrows it down
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Ehh most of the chicks in music vids aren't that attractive (imo) but this one had my lesbian ovaries tingling :P

Lol I promise I'm not trolling, I know how vague that description is. But I figured if people remember ones that stick out in their mind, I'll find it eventually. xD
hmmm, from the 80's you say? was the dudes hair taller than the womans? and was there some kind of sparks flying in the backgroud in some random factory at some point? that would help narrow it down.
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A good shot of his arm and her bare back

That was no arm