..for a ridiculously awesome price thanks to CL . I thought I was getting just the pickups, but found out when I got there they came installed in a guitar with the wiring and everything! All for the staggering sum of $50

The guitar's a cheapo Harmony that's missing a couple of strings, and has a set of Ping tuners, but I could really care less about it. The guitar was just an extra bonus on top of the pickups

EMG-SA's, made in 2007 with the quick connects. The actual wiring isn't EMG but it is 25K minipots and has the stereo jack and battery box as well.

Now my question: I don't have a legitimate Strat to put these in, so they'll be going into my Affinity until I get around to building one. I really don't want to install the battery box and ruin the body (like I'd really be loosing much, but whatever) so can a 9V battery fit inside a thin Affinity body with all the wiring?
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