I have a Gibson SG Standard and a peavey 6505+, with a digitech chorus pedal. I like the tone, but it's a little cold for me. How can I make it sound 'warmer'?
Eq it different?

Like, turn some of the high end down and some of the bass up.
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eq it different, different bias, different preamp tubes, EQ pedal, i would say comp pedal but if your pushing a ton of gain you probably dont need it.
Wind back the tone control on the guitar maybe?
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I'm assuming you're talking about the clean channel, right? I have a similar guitar (Epi Les Paul) and the same amp, and when I want a warmer clean sound I use the neck pickup. I also use a reverb pedal when playing clean and that really helped increase the sparkle and life to the clean channel - I traded a chorus pedal for it and I don't regret it; on certain settings it almost sounds like a subtle chorus anyway.

But other than that, yeah, roll back the treble and especially the presence, up the mids and bass a little, etc. I've found that it can sound pretty warm on both the lead channel and the rhythm w/ crunch, just by eq'ing it.
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roll down your tone knob?
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